Montessori Alphabet tracing board

Wooden alphabet tracing board, letters a-z by Woodinout

Montessori Alphabet tracing board is a smart way to teach kids writing. ⁠

Waldorf toys are one of the most popular educational kids gifts for a reason. ⁠

Lowercase tracing letter worksheets will make it fun and EASY to learn writing & spelling. Instead of a ton of preschool worksheets get one stylish alphabet tracing board of ours. Carefully handmade from solid wood, these wooden letters are not only perfect learning toys, but also stylish kids room decoration. ⁠

Make this a personalized gift by leaving a message to engrave on the back.⁠

Benefits of learning together

🍓 We learn more due to growth of collective knowledge⁠
🍓 We learn faster as we can see different techniques of learning⁠
🍓 We start to understand that the same object can have different understanding ⁠

Shapes puzzle

Wooden shape sorter by Woodinout Montessori toys

I remember when my boy started playing with puzzles and the very first was with shapes 💭 easy to find the pocket, good for motor skills, but the most important thing was creativity he got with this game🙃 circle became a sun, the house was built from triangle and square…and the funniest thing was hexagon – it became a spider 😂⁠